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What are the workers’ comp benefits in Rhode Island?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Several benefits are available to workers in Rhode Island who were injured on the job. However, you might qualify for different sets of benefits depending on your situation. In some scenarios, your dependents might even qualify for benefits. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect if you successfully file for workers’ comp.

What are the benefits you can receive through workers’ comp?

Depending on your injuries, you might qualify for either total disability benefits or partial disability benefits. If you’re completely unable to work, you might receive total disability benefits through workers’ comp. This gives you up to 75% of your previous wages, including bonuses and commission payments. If you have dependents, they’ll also be eligible for $15 per week.

What if you’re suffering from injuries but still able to work? You might be able to qualify for partial disability benefits. This gives you a small percentage of wages to supplement the wages that you’re currently earning. If your medical situation improves, the amount of benefits that you receive might decrease.

In addition to wage replacement benefits, you might also be eligible for additional benefits if your injuries were severe enough. You might receive benefits for disfigurement or scarring or benefits that help you pay for rehab and physical therapy. You may also receive benefits that help you pay for your surgeries, doctor’s visits, medication and other forms of medical treatment. To get the maximum amount of compensation, you might want to seek an attorney to manage your case.

Whatever the case, your benefits will typically begin on the fourth day after you were injured. You should also be aware that your dependents might be eligible for benefits if you’re fatally injured on the job.

How can an attorney help you pursue compensation?

While filing for workers’ comp might sound simple enough, some employers are hesitant to give their employees the compensation that they deserve. An attorney could educate you on the type of benefits that you’re eligible for and help you work with your employer until you’re fully compensated for the injuries that you’ve suffered.