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Handling a boundary dispute

On Behalf of | May 20, 2022 | Real Estate

A boundary dispute happens when neighbors can’t agree on a property line. People should handle boundary disputes as efficiently as possible to avoid encroachment and trespassing. Boundary disputes erupt between large amounts of land because there aren’t always physical boundaries in Rhode Island. Neighbors without fences tend to end up in boundary disputes.

Two ways to avoid boundary disputes

The best way to deal with property disputes is to avoid them in the first place. Boundary disputes are frustrating and may involve paying court fees. People should be polite to new and old neighbors. Being friendly with neighbors can go a long way and help resolve any issues outside of court. Hosting a neighborhood event can encourage a warm atmosphere in the community. People should practice fence etiquette when replacing or building a fence. Have a surveyor check the property lines before construction begins. Neighbors should notify each other when building a new fence or any structure.

Request a general property survey

The first step of handling a property dispute is requesting a general property survey. The general property survey provides indisputable evidence to both parties. Neighbors can’t build structures on land they don’t own.

Choose a physical object as a divider

Real estate with a structure already encroaching on the property could use a physical object as a boundary. If both neighbors agree to make a row of trees or hedges as the new marker, they could avoid court fees. Both neighbors would need to sign the document.

After attempting to settle the issue outside of court, a person may seek legal counsel. Mediation for boundary disputes helps prevent the unpleasantness of court. Both neighbors will probably be willing to save on legal fees. A property surveyor could be a legal witness during a boundary dispute.