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A guide to passive real estate investing

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Real Estate

In Rhode Island, real estate in Providence and the surrounding area presents a valuable investment opportunity. The charming and historic area attracts a lot of tourists as well as students, and taking advantage of real estate for passive income is a useful strategy.

Real Estate Investing

There are different approaches to real estate investment that can keep the process as passive as possible. The most passive is investing in a REIT, or real estate investment trust. A REIT is an mutual fund that invests in real estate, and you can buy shares in it just like a stock. That way, you can benefit from the real estate market without having to maintain or own a particular building or unit. The next common option is to acquire a building or home that is already in good shape and does not need any renovations or work to be an attractive residence. A turnkey building like this will cost more than a fixer-upper, but doesn’t take weeks or months of hard labor to get it into a livable shape.

The process of buying real estate doesn’t have to be a major time sink if you pick the right properties. There are other ways to get involved, like crowd-funded financing, but the simplest and the one that is the most effective is to find those turnkey properties and hire a management company to do the work of upkeep and rent collection.

Real estate investment can be a good way to make passive income, but it takes careful planning and an awareness of the risks to make it worth the effort and the money.