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The most common construction site accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Construction is one of the most demanding, risky professions in Rhode Island. Considering the heavy work involved in the field, it’s no surprise that many workers suffer injuries.

Slips, trips and falls and falls from heights

Slips, trips and falls occur on construction sites and account for many workers’ compensation claims. However, even more serious injuries occur when a construction worker falls from a height while working on scaffolding, a roof or another structure. In the worst-case scenario, without proper safety equipment in place, falls from heights can be fatal.

Struck-by accidents

Construction workers are often involved in struck-by accidents. This can involve falling objects like boxes, tools, heavy equipment or even vehicles. Depending on the severity of an accident or the weight involved, a worker can sustain crushing injuries or die. According to the Occupational Safety Hazard Administration, around 75% of all construction accidents involve heavy machinery.

Caught in or between accidents

Caught in or between accidents are some of the most catastrophic and common in the construction industry. Workers can suffer amputations, get crushed or find themselves pinned between a machine and a wall. Trench collapses can also occur on construction sites and cause workers to fall through and get buried, which can be fatal.


Construction involves working with electrical equipment, but sometimes, wiring can be faulty. Without safety precautions present, this can cause workers to suffer from electrocution injuries.

Fires and explosions

Hazardous and flammable substances are often used in construction. If unsafe conditions exist, this can lead to a fire or explosion, which puts construction workers at a higher risk of burns or inhalation injuries.

By nature, construction is a dangerous job. However, site managers must provide the proper precautions to keep workers safer.