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Insights for real estate rental investors

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Real Estate

Putting funds into real estate reflects a traditional investment strategy many people in Rhode Island prefer. Some choose to purchase a house and perform equity-improving renovations before selling. Others may explore options for receiving rental income. A rental-based investment property could present specific responsibilities the investor may need to review.

Rental property investments

Selecting the right property remains a top priority because a house that comes with unexpected costs would take away from profit margins. If the house needs a new roof and other repairs, all those costs must be recovered through rental payments.

Still, there could be significant upsides to purchasing a distressed property at a low price and performing renovations. Investors may wish to find contractors who perform top-quality work at reasonable prices. Keeping the renovations within a reasonable budget could further help with profitability.

Those without experience as landlords need to familiarize themselves with both the law and effective customer service tips. Dealing with tenants can be a challenge. Rental property investors should become aware of what to expect. Signing a deal with a property management firm may be worthwhile.

Legal concerns

Reviewing a real estate sales contract is of course advisable when making an investment purchase. If an inspection turns up problems, the would-be buyer could request to alter the purchase agreement. The parties may agree to credits towards repairs and extensions on the closing date to address specific issues.

The home buyer could take legal action after closing a real estate deal upon learning about misrepresentation. For example, a seller who failed to disclose material defects could be liable for repairs upon their discovery.