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Avoid these four common types of landscaping injuries

On Behalf of | May 21, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Business owners and homeowners throughout Rhode Island are understandably proud of having immaculate yards. Those needing more time to do their yard work sometimes leave these tasks to professionals. Unfortunately, there’s always a possibility that a company’s next landscaping job could lead to injuries.

Contact-related injuries

Many landscaping injuries occur due to the equipment companies must use to complete their work. Sometimes, due to one or many factors, a worker can injure or maim others if this person isn’t aware of other workers’ locations.

Electrical injuries

Some landscaping jobs require more than a sharp pair of shears. Often, landscapers must use power tools. If they’re in poor condition or used improperly, these tools can cause electrical shocks or severe burns. Another electrical danger involves landscapers accidentally cutting or otherwise damaging nearby power lines.

Slip and fall injuries

Some of the most common types of workers’ compensation claims involve slip and fall accidents. Unfortunately, landscapers aren’t immune from these sometimes devastating injuries. Landscapers often use ladders or elevated work platforms to complete their jobs. Their injuries could prove fatal depending on the height of a worker’s fall.

Temperature-related injuries

Rhode Island isn’t known for having sweltering summers compared to the southern half of the United States. However, this state can and often does experience brutally cold winters. While not as common as summer work, winter landscaping work is possible. If landscapers stay outdoors for too long in frigid weather, they risk frostbite or cold stress if their bodies can’t maintain healthy temperatures.

If you notice an injured co-worker, call 911 immediately. It’s also essential to find an on-site medical professional if one is available.