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Workers’ compensation and mental health issues

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Firm News

The level of stress felt by workers in Rhode Island and the rest of the U.S. has reached a record high. This is due to a number of factors. The recent global health issues and other concerns have caused an abnormally high level of negative reactions. As a result, many more workers are filing for compensation in order to grapple with these issues.

What are the main symptoms of stress?

Workers’ compensation is being filed at a record high rate all across the nation. Many of these cases are because workers are showing symptoms of excessive stress. These symptoms include depression, anxiety, and PTSD. In many areas, workers are indulging in high levels of substance abuse. Suicide rates have also been shown to be on the rise.

It has been reported that one in four workers filed claims for a mental health condition before the recent global health crisis. However, as the recent event reached its peak, the same number of claims were filed. This significant rise in claims took place in a space of only two years. Mental health experts have been searching for solutions to address this alarming rise.

Many authorities argue that it is the responsibility of employers to provide a higher level of access to mental health care. There is currently a dearth of resources that workers can turn to to get the aid they need. This issue affects workplaces all across the U.S. in a variety of negative ways.

Wellbeing should be a topic of focus

The stress that you are suffering should not be allowed to interfere with filing your claim. Keep in mind that you usually have a limited time to do so. The key is to do so without being inhibited due to feelings of weakness or shame.

Studies have shown that access to these benefits has improved the lives of many employees. They have dealt with their physical and mental issues in a productive manner. This has helped many of them return to being productive members of the workforce.