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Truck drivers may suffer unexpected injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Truck drivers have a more physically taxing job than people realize. These professionals spend many hours on the road in and through Rhode Island. Their joints could suffer from wear and tear from sitting and driving for long distances. Lifting heavy objects might cause harm. If left unaddressed, physical problems may result in medical conditions forcing one to take a break from work. The injuries may cause financial difficulties.

Truck drivers and physical ailments

Since a truck driver sits in the same position behind the tractor-trailer’s steering wheel, the driver’s knees may degrade over time. Arthritis in the knee may develop. The knees could also suffer from excessive strain, causing mobility issues.

Truck drivers may suffer from repetitive motion injuries. A truck driver’s shoulders may suffer harm from years of steering a truck or turning the truck’s cranks. The driver may experience a back injury from lifting objects on or off the truck. Acute injuries may happen without warning, leaving the driver to miss work.

Injuries and claims

Drivers who work for a trucking company as employees could file a workers’ compensation claim. This insurance coverage may cover some costs associated with missing work and undergoing medical care. Since it is a no-fault state, drivers do not need to prove negligence in Rhode Island to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation might cover permanent disabilities. The worker should expect to provide highly detailed documentation to receive a permanent disability claim approval. Filing the claim timely and properly might make things easier for an injured truck driver.

A denial of a workers’ compensation claim can appeal. A proper appeal may reverse the initial adverse decision, leading to compensation payments.