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Workers’ comp and violence in the workplace

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation can provide financial support for a Rhode Island resident after suffering an injury on the job. Although many people may assume that workers’ compensation is only awarded for slip and fall accidents or repetitive motion injuries, it can also cover other workplace scenarios that lead to injury. Workplace violence is one scenario that is covered.

Workers’ comp and workplace violence

The National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH) offers an expansive definition of workplace violence that ranges from offensive language to outright physical violence, including homicidal violence. Ultimately, if a co-worker, contractor or another party verbally threatens or physically harms another person, the individual engages in workplace violence.

If a worker in Rhode Island becomes violent and strikes a co-worker and the co-worker suffers injuries as a result, such as a broken jaw or injuries related to falling as a result, filing a workers’ compensation claim might be necessary to receive financial assistance while recovering and awaiting a return to work. When hurt because of a physical assault, claiming workers’ compensation and filing a personal injury lawsuit may be possible. Sometimes, the worker sues a visitor, contractor or another negligent third party.

Filing the claim

Anyone filing a claim for workers’ compensation must do so without delay. Reporting the incident to a supervisor is among the most vital first steps. It is also important to keep any appointments with Physicians who examine the injuries and gather all medical records and other important documentation as evidence. Claimants can run into problems if they do not file in a timely manner.

If a workers’ compensation claim receives a denial, the claimant may take further action. Filing an appeal with the Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Court can lead to a reversal of the initial decision.