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Three tips for avoiding injuries that result from being hit by objects at work

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Rhode Island is full of hard-working people, many of whom work in the construction, warehouse and manufacturing industries. Workers in these fields must watch out for struck-by injuries. These injuries typically involve an object moving quickly and hitting a person. Learning about preventing these injuries can stop you from being struck by an object.

Wear proper safety equipment

One of the best ways to avoid struck-by injuries is to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). One of the most often used types of PPE is a hard hat. A hard hat protects the skull from falling objects. By law, it’s your employer’s responsibility to have all required safety equipment on hand. If not, these employers can experience an uptake in serious workers’ compensation claims if workplace injuries occur.

Ensure tools and equipment work properly

Whether your job requires you to walk a lot or stand in one location, you likely work with tools and equipment. Before you begin using your equipment and tools, check for loose wires or damaged tools that could cause malfunctions and struck-by injuries.

Engage in frequent communication with co-workers

Most employers have multiple people working in the same departments. A couple of examples can include a team pulling orders in a large warehouse or a construction team building a house. At these jobs, people typically work close to one another. By frequently communicating with your colleagues, you can warn others to give you space, and they can do the same.

Employers must conduct safety inspections and ensure workers use properly functioning tools and equipment. However, you can also do your part to avoid the potential lost wages and pain associated with injuries that result from being struck by otjects.