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How Do Doctors and Lawyers Interact in Workers’ Comp Cases?

Gavel and stethoscope on top of legal book in Providence, RIHow Do Doctors and Lawyers Interact in Workers’ Comp Cases?

Navigating a workers’ compensation case involves a unique blend of medical care and advice from a workers’ compensation attorney. Victims of a workplace injury can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that has to be coordinated. An experienced attorney, however, will be able to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

The Initial Consultation

When a person is injured on the job, it’s important to immediately go to the doctor suggested (or required) by his or her employer. Visiting an independent doctor can sometimes disqualify someone from receiving any workers’ compensation benefits. The doctor will determine if any injuries qualify for a workers’ compensation claim. This information is then passed on to the workers’ compensation attorney. The medical records can be sent to the attorney by the doctor’s office, although it is often faster if the patient requests them and presents the documents to the lawyer independently.

Following Doctor’s Recommendations

Although the attorney and the doctor may not meet directly (to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest), it’s important that the person filing the claim understands how they work together. The health and well-being of the patient should be all parties’ priority. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will advise his or her clients to keep all medical appointments and to follow all doctors’ instructions to the letter, as failure to do so can invalidate a claim. Furthermore, the patient should be completely forthcoming with the doctor, employer, and his or her attorney about any and all injuries relating to the workplace accident. Failure to disclose an injury, or exaggerating the extent of the injury, is another mistake that can cost a person their claim.

Finding the Right Attorney

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Lawrence J. Signore, Esq.

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